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Custom Crafted Homes Makes Cape Cod Living Even More Enjoyable! 900 Route 134 Building 3, Unit 30 South Dennis, MA 02660


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If you're familiar with Cape Cod, you know there is a signature look to the kitchens here. At Custom Crafted Homes, we believe in quality craftsmanship and seek to provide custom-made living spaces to achieve the authentic Cape Cod look. When crafting the picture-perfect Cape Cod kitchen, there are three key elements we take into consideration. 

🔵 Kitchen Islands: Large, open-concept living spaces are a characteristic of Cape Cod kitchen layouts. This is why we recommend a working kitchen island to help break up your space and allow for maximum functionality.  🔵 Custom Cabinets: There are many options for cabinets when choosing this detail of your kitchen. We consider quality molding for a Cape Cod handmade look. This includes chic hardware to elevate and modernize your Cape aesthetic.  🔵 Lighting Fixtures: Lighting is critical when designing your picturesque Cape Cod kitchen. We consider nautical element…

What Makes Cape Cod Architecture Unique?

What Makes Cape Cod Architecture Unique?
The older Cape Cod architecture gets, the more stunning and popular it seemingly becomes. Cape Cod homes always come through if you are looking to get away and relax with a beach style flare. They started small and have been around for centuries. Cape Cod homes date back to the 17th century when the English colonists introduced it to the United States. Cape Cod’s original home construction style wave was from 1690 to 1850, while its second wave, called the Cape Cod Revival, was put together in the 1920s to help popularize the style. And even now, in the 21st century, Cape Cod architecture still maintains a nostalgic appeal and comes in all sizes. The original, timeless Cape Cod architectural style inspired many of the tiny houses and sprawling homes today. This simple architecture has grown massively in popularity for reasons that will be explained below. Why is this quaint architectural style unique? What makes it stand out distinctively, among…

Each of our Cape Cod homes reflects an incredible amount of traditional seaside charm.