What Makes Cape Cod Architecture Unique?

 What Makes Cape Cod Architecture Unique?

The older Cape Cod architecture gets, the more stunning and popular it seemingly becomes. Cape Cod homes always come through if you are looking to get away and relax with a beach style flare. They started small and have been around for centuries. Cape Cod homes date back to the 17th century when the English colonists introduced it to the United States. Cape Cod’s original home construction style wave was from 1690 to 1850, while its second wave, called the Cape Cod Revival, was put together in the 1920s to help popularize the style. And even now, in the 21st century, Cape Cod architecture still maintains a nostalgic appeal and comes in all sizes. The original, timeless Cape Cod architectural style inspired many of the tiny houses and sprawling homes today. This simple architecture has grown massively in popularity for reasons that will be explained below. Why is this quaint architectural style unique? What makes it stand out distinctively, among others? Allow us to walk you through this unique architectural design and attempt to successfully transform you into an expert.

It is probably already apparent to you that the effortlessly appealing and homey Cape Cod was named after Massachusetts coastal region. It is one of the most easily recognizable American architectural styles; at its core, a Cape Cod home is a rectangular, small, steep pitched roof that keeps the snow from piling up; Cape Cod homes include everything from a one-story cottage to side gables. Other recognizable features are the low ceilings and big central chimney to keep the house warm, and the multi-paned wooden shutter-clad windows flank its central door with simple surrounds.
Let’s go in, shall we? An original cape cod home has two rooms, a master bedroom, and a living room. Over the years, Cape Cod architecture has had its fair share of evolution, while the original design concept remained the same. You remember the massive central chimneys we spoke about earlier? Well, they have been reduced in size as heating tech grew more advanced. You may notice the chimneys are now built-in homes even in warmer climates such as the south. Cape Cod architecture has a vast array of signature features, some of which are outlined below.

Features of a Cape Cod Architecture

Cape Cod architecture comes in various styles; however, some pretty specific features define it, bring it all together, and make it stand out among others. Here are some of the features you should expect to see from this type of architecture.

Interior details
· Low ceilings
· Large, open-concept living space
· Clean lines, little aesthetic detailing
· 1 or 1.5 stories
· Bedroom in dormers or under gables
· An asymmetrical layout that features a center hall

Exterior details:
· Shingle siding
· Gabled dormers
· Central chimneys
· Simple exterior ornamentation
· Steep roofs with side gables as well as an overhang
· Double-hung windows with shutters
· Centered front entry and symmetrical appearance

Cape Cod homes vary; often, there is the half cape that features a front door found at one side of the family, and on the other side are two multi-paned glass windows. Initially, the Cape Cod used to be a starter home. It was often transformed into a three-quarter cape over time and can also be called a single cape. The three-quarter cape, which is a little more like a half cape, has an additional one multi-paned window found on the opposite side. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the three-quarter cape was one of the most famous architectural styles.

The full cape or the double cape is the typical style now, but it used to be rare and reserved only for the wealthiest settlers. It comes with a central front door with two multi-paned windows symmetrically on either side. It has a steep floor and a massive chimney.

As you can see, Cape Cod architecture has a rich design history. Are you looking to own one of your own someday? It would be a pleasure to help you design and build a home that matches your style -- Custom Crafted Homes redefines craftsmanship. We consider our trade an art, which is very specific to our beloved Cape Cod. For your design and build project estimate, please give us a call today.

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