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If you're familiar with Cape Cod, you know there is a signature look to the kitchens here. At Custom Crafted Homes, we believe in quality craftsmanship and seek to provide custom-made living spaces to achieve the authentic Cape Cod look. When crafting the picture-perfect Cape Cod kitchen, there are three key elements we take into consideration. 

🔵 Kitchen Islands: Large, open-concept living spaces are a characteristic of Cape Cod kitchen layouts. This is why we recommend a working kitchen island to help break up your space and allow for maximum functionality. 
🔵 Custom Cabinets: There are many options for cabinets when choosing this detail of your kitchen. We consider quality molding for a Cape Cod handmade look. This includes chic hardware to elevate and modernize your Cape aesthetic. 
🔵 Lighting Fixtures: Lighting is critical when designing your picturesque Cape Cod kitchen. We consider nautical elements such as lantern-style sconces and fixtures with industrial or modern vintage hardware. 

Along with open floor plans, your kitchen's color scheme can be indicative of making it feel like a true Cape Cod-style kitchen. Navy blues are a staple in coastal style kitchens, but milky blues, seafoam green, and of course, white are colors to consider for your current design. In some of our recent modern kitchen build-outs, we have used untraditional colors with seascape themes, such as burnt orange, taken from the bits of warm hues you find on seashells. These colors can also work well. We've also seen an increase in design trends gravitating to baby blues and pinks. When choosing a color palette, a white base with a pastel touch won't let you down. When selecting your kitchen elements, it's essential to consider a large amount of white space. Cape Cod kitchens are known for their bright and white aesthetic, allowing natural light to radiate off surfaces. We never forget to consider this effect when helping our customers choose elements such as wall paint, cabinets, countertops, and more. Accent colors can complement the white space in these areas with hardware, décor, backsplashes, and more.

If you're looking to build a custom Cape Cod-style kitchen, or update your current look, inquire for an estimate today! 

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