#CapeCodKitchens #CapeCodStyleHomes #Tradition #ModernCapeCodStyle #UpGrade #Remodel

#CapeCodKitchens #CapeCodStyleHomes #Tradition #ModernCapeCodStyle #UpGrade #Remodel


*Consider These Design Details When Building An Open Floor Plan Kitchen.*

Like with most styles, they naturally evolve over time. Even considering the traditional touches of a Cape Cod kitchen, there are unique modern characteristics that can level-up your look and breathe new life into the traditional design. 

For instance, Custom Crafted Homes can open your kitchen up and create a more casual dining setting when going for a more modern design. We could tear down any walls blocking off the kitchen and from the rest of the house. Doors are something not many people may consider, primarily when focusing on a kitchen remodel, but there's a good chance your open-floor plan kitchen has a clear view of the doors in your house. 

Traditionally built Cape Cod homes often came with solid wood doors. Our carpenters will refurbish your doors or replace the door with a product that will maintain the home's architectural integrity.  A quick upgrade to your doors and hardware can add considerable design value to your home.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, upgrade your hardware and lighting! It's no secret that this is one of our top design secrets, especially when you're looking to modernize your Cape Cod home. Don't cut corners on the hardware, you'd be surprised how much the eye is drawn to it! 

Trust Custom Crafted Homes with your next remodeling project.

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